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Skagit County Fair! --- UPDATE

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We had a great time at the fair and hearing your stories and interest in the unsheltered in our community. We enjoyed meeting many of the wonderful "hearts" in our community who are interested in helping with the trailer and serving those we will meet.

Our neighbors are desperately looking for shelter as the fall rains bring the promise of colder weather to come. If you are still looking to join our volunteer ranks -- please make sure you fill out the volunteer page so that we can contact you and get you scheduled. Some people have shown an interest in helping behind the scenes too and we welcome your support and talents. Folks, this is finally getting off the ground, and we look forward to meeting each person interested in helping us bring showers to the houseless and unsheltered community of Skagit County. Thank you for stopping by our booth at the county fair and introducing yourself. We look forward to meeting you again and sharing this amazing project.

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