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Do Justly

There are many ways Skagit Connections intends to "Do Justly".  As a community non-profit organization, we look at the present needs and determined that we will focus on the obvious needs we feel the shower trailer can address. Here are a couple of ideas to help you understand our mission as an organization.


Covid amplified the need for showers as many organizations were no longer able to provide showers to our unsheltered neighbors, due to the rigorous cleaning required and risk to their other clients. Skagit Connections recognized the need and has worked to ensure showers are available in our county. Our focus has been to create and establish a consistent schedule that addresses the needs of each community we serve.

As a community crisis or emergency occurs, the shower trailer may be needed to help serve the community or event.  In that occasion, the trailer may be unavailable to our regular guests.  We apologize in advance if this occurs, however; some of the donated money that purchased the trailer requires we provide needed assistance in a community emergency.  In the past two years, we have determined that each time we are not able to maintain our regular schedule we "lose" some of our regular clients, as a result, we are making every effort to ensure we can maintain our regular schedule while still meeting the other needs in our community.

Doing Justly requires our community to treat every individual with respect and dignity.  As part of that, safety will be one of our highest values.  Therefore; in value and respect to our guests, volunteers, and even our donors we cannot tolerate any behavior that would put any person or persons at risk of harm or danger.  This is our one rule. 

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